About Us

COZYDUNES Homefashion was founded in 2008 by a family of value-oriented customers and designers.

During our many trips and relocations, we have found a need for quality furniture and accessories for versatile uses and living environments. However, finding products that combine good design, quality materials and competitive pricing is not easy.

That's why we decided to start COZYDUNES Homefashion. Our goal is innovative and functional design for your living area. Not only do our products look and feel great, they are also made from the best upholstery and filling materials - a long-lasting COZYDUNES experience for the whole family.

The idea of ​​our shop is to introduce you to our latest creations and give you the opportunity to design your own COZYDUNES product. Choose your product, fabric and filling. Even your own individual design is possible with the unique COZYDUNES Designer.

Also for companies, agencies, events and other individual series, we are happy to talk with you to make special editions and unique pieces!

We are still a young company, but we are growing fast. We welcome you as a potential COZYDUNES distributor. If you are interested in becoming a COZYDUNES Representative, please contact us at hello@cozydunes.com. We look forward to you!

Audrey Heppner, COZYDUNES Homefashion