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CORDURA® re/cor®

 High-tenacity fabrics, have exceptional strength and are resistant to tear and breakage. CORDURA® re/cor® high-quality yarns 100% recycled high-tenacity polyester yarn is created from discarded bottles and packaging.

These fabrics meet the fabric performance and durability specifications of the CORDURA® brand.

It is not waterproof, but it is highly water-resistant.


Recycled Synthetic Fabric:

 We use recycled synthetic fabric which is made from plastics collected directly from the ocean and beaches This has a bi-elastic stretch comfort effect which adapts easily to rounded models, guaranteeing an excellent wearability. This feature makes the fabric ideal for covering comfortable furnishings with soft shapes and a contemporary design.

The fabric is resistant to abrasion resistant resistance of the fabric to abrasion, pilling, light and rubbing is excellent, guarantee a long life and an always impeccable appearance.

The use of this fabric contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in our oceans, and has a positive impact on the environment. Recycling a of these plastics gives a second life to the materials that would normally remain as waste material. We are and our suppliers are part of the SEAQUAL®. initiative.

 Recycled Wool:

Recycled wool, an ultra-comfortable fabric that is very robust. Nevertheless, it feels naturally soft and looks elegant.   Eco-friendly recycled wool, the yarns are reshredded and re-spun from rest wool fibers. The material is stain and dirt-resistant.